Digitising Building Assets

We are your local Scan-to-BIM solution, bridging the
gap between buildings and technology

& scan
& teach
& plan
& visualise
& automate


Accelerating data
driven future

With the next industrial revolution just around the corner, Parametrix focuses on facilitating the digitalisation of built assets in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction, Maintenance industry. Using the latest technology for site scanning, we can survey & design a digital twin for your bespoke needs.

Client Tailored - Drone Survey, Laser Scan, Aerial Survey, Drone Inspection

Accelerating data driven future - Drone Survey, Laser Scan, Aerial Survey, Drone Inspection

Core Values

Client tailored service

Client satisfaction is our core value, ensuring that we are working closely with you to tailor each individual project. Then our passion for digitising is the fuel required to get the job done!

Focusing on automation, innovation and transparency, we constantly look to pioneer ways of working together in our industry. A combination of these values allows us to guarantee a sustainable growth for businesses and ensures that you are pleased with the service provided.

See how Parametix help you

  1. Improved asset register and monitoring for tenant’s safety
  2. Dimensionally accurate records of your assets
  3. Easy visualization for securing interest & funds
  4. Competitive edge over competition with better data

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