Consultancy Services

Taking your business personally


Taking Your Business Personally.

This 5-day course allows for businesses to clearly understand Building Information Modeling and the Standards, Methods and Procedures tat come with it. Our standardized content and forms will also enable you to work on a BIM Level 2 project with as little delay caused from the transition as possible. The main areas of this service are:

  • BIM Modelling & Software
  • BIM – The process & the standards
  • Big Data & COBie
  • Templates, content & presets

This 10-day course allows for businesses to clearly define their digital transformation and roll out the decision of embracing BIM and assisting digital tools. During the workshops we focus on the value required from BIM and return on investment plans to ensure the transition does not lead to any delays or business problems. Further more the course focuses on:

  • Digital Journey Mapping
  • BIM Assessment
  • Implementation Planning
  • Compliance advice & reporting
  • Templates, content & presets

Have you hit a brick wall, Parametrix is here with the sledgehammer.

We are here to help in assisting you to get the work completed. Whether its fixing bugs, data validation to full data assessments against the Employers Information Requirements our BIM experts will ensure your model delivers the value as planned.

Some of our most common health checks include:

  • Asset Data population & validation
  • Clash detection reporting
  • BIM content assessment
  • Model development
  • Dashboards & Data manipulation

Starting with an assessment of which tools can be implemented on your current IT infrastructure, our technology consultation will the follow through to ensure to create a clear strategy for hardware and software improvements for you in the upcoming years.

We also offer:

  • Hardware assessment
  • Quick wins using innovative technology
  • Software assessment & planning
  • Remote working & hot-desk implementation

The industry is starting to embrace BIM by including it in framework and bid documentation, this is why at Parametrix we enable contractors and designers focus on their responsibilities whilst still wining work with us as their BIM advisors. This allows for a more organic and risk-free approach to your BIM journey instead of jumping in head first. Some quick BIM wins for bids include:

  • Tender Visualizations & Presentations
  • 4D sequencing visualization
  • 5D information take-ff and scheduling
  • International VR in-BIM meetings & workshops
  • Project documentation & planning